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05 12 2019

NEW: Training to optimize your Furora!


Preventing a malfunction is practically impossible, ... but proper management of your Furora processing line can limit the consequences of a malfunction. And for organizations where the operator is not always present, such incidents can easily occur. To prevent situations like this, we have created the Invaro Training & Advice module. Interested? We now offer the 'Operator Furora' training and advice module 'More return on your Furora'.

Training: Operator Furora

During this training you and your employees receive specific advice on the optimal use and operation of your machine. We correctly match your machine to your product. Due to the increased knowledge of your employees, there will be less downtime. This saves a lot of time and the capacity and quality is increased.

Advice module: More return on your Furora

Do you already have a Furora, but do you think that you can get more out of it with the latest developments? During this module, our Technical Service Specialist will advise you on the optimum use of your machine. It involves evaluating the use of the machine and fine-tuning based on this. Among other things, the maximum capacity of your machine, preventing stem damage and adjusting the cameras are assessed.

Practical information

A training or advisory process takes up just a part of the day. A minimum amount of time for the best possible result! During the training your employees will gain more knowledge about the Furora.

After the training

After the course all students receive a certificate. You will also receive a report in which the advice is outlined again and possible areas for improvement are emphasized. They’re happy, you’re happy, we’re happy! Our service specialists are of course ready to answer your questions.

Go digital

Do you have all of the above under control but are you wondering if your bosstations are being fully utilized? Too much downtime? The Bercomex Insight Tool provides insight into this for you. With the possibility of real-time data you have even more control over your Furora’s productivity levels.

Interesse in de Invaro Training, Adviesmodule Of de Bercomex Insight Tool?

For more information or registration you can send an email or call +31 (0) 229 50 21 50.

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