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20 01 2020

Bercomex Flower Processing Solutions opens a business establishment in Colombia


"We are going for better market operation in South America."

Bercomex Flower Processing Solutions expands! The Dutch family company starts an establishment in Bogotá, Colombia from January 2020. This new company will be called Bercomex Américas SAS and is managed by Mauricio Daza. “As a well-known company with over 40 flower processing lines in Colombia we have to serve our clients on a local level. This makes us a serious sparring partner for all the (potential) clients in South-America.” Said by M. Daza.

Stronger together

Bercomex Flower Processing Solutions, Schouten Agri Sorting Solutions and Invaro Services & Supplies are covered by the holding Invaro Agri & Horti Technology Group. All those companies has been established in the same building in Hoorn, The Netherlands since October 2019. Invaro comes from the Latin verb ‘innovare’, which means innovation. But it also meansy intelligent and international. ‘Varo’ stands for realistic, loyal and socially capable. Those meanings represent exactly where the holding stands for. The values can also be found within Bercomex Américas.

Local market knowledge

By opening the new office in South-America, Bercomex Américas benefits from the local market knowledge that the employees bring them. They can advise the customers in this continent even better. Those employees know exactly the branch and culture. Since the beginning of November Bercomex Américas hired a local service engineer, Fredy Piñeros. He will support all the machines for example in case of malfunction. Daza: “This location offers us a variety of benefits. For example to simplify the import of machines and parts. We really can relieve our customers and do business on a local level. Last but not least, it is way easier to serve them on location.

Good base to start

Despite the focus on the Colombian market, Bercomex Américas also offers a good starting point to reach the other countries within the continent. Daza sees a bright future for Bercomex Américas.

Questions? Contact Mauricio Daza via or +57 312 431 51 85. .

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